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Nov 13, 2009 6:00am EST
's a beauty. congratulations. and this is katie. how are you doing in. >> good. >> reporter: tell us about your tie. >> the name of the tie is the snowman. >> reporter: and why did you decide to do that? >> i like winter and it's around the time of my birthday and i like snowmen. >> reporter: what is your birthday? >> december 28th. >> reporter: happy birthday in advance. here's andy. and -- anne. we were here the other day. and joseph a bank presented the hopkins center with a $50,000 check from last year's sales that is indecreed disblibl that is wonderful. >> reporter: and the money goes in. >> to pretty much everything that you can think of that insurance won't coverage and that can be anything for these guys ranging from crafts to play with in the playroom to extra supplies on the units to make sure stay a little more comfortable. >> reporter: 14th year, the miracle tie collection. this year they're being sold across the country. they're $59 they're a great tie and it goes to a great cause, the johns hopkins children's center. >> if you're wondering and not required to wear a tie for
Nov 11, 2009 6:00am EST
and opportunity that's extended abroad. >> and later this morn, first lady, katie o'malley will attend a letter writing service thanking veterans and their families for their service. >> thank you. the governor is set to speak about the unique needs of military children. >> and in howard county, today is the last day teens can use tanning beds. many health experts say yugz tanning beds before the age of 30 can increase the chance of skin cancer by up to 75%. once again the indoor tanning bed for teens goes into effect tomorrow. >> tanning is a big thing though. remember we had the plastic surgeon on. plastic surgeons are doing the spray tan thing. >> point taken, doctors are,. >> up hundred. >> saying here is the better l alternative. >> noted plastic surgeon doing it among others. >> nothing looks worse than an anemic looking white man. about the middle of january i don't look in the mirror and you think when i am the same color as the palm of my hand it is time to go to florida. >> or some place nice and sunny. >> or risk my life and hit a tanning or bed. -- that's my measure. [inaudible] >>
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2